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Surge Protectors for Home & Office.
Looking for Surge Protectors to protect your electrical appliances? Thor Technologies is a leading Australian manufacturer of Surge Protection devices available to purchase online or via our dealer network.

As a society we have many more electrical products than ever before and to this end, we have created a much more hostile environment for digitally sensitive electronics. It is common for a household to easily have more than 30 different appliances/devices they plug into an electrical outlet.

According to CEPro ‘The Myth Whole-House Surge Protection’, “80 percent of surges come from within a building are generated every time equipment cycles on and off”. Unprotected devices will ‘wear down’ over time resulting in unexplained operational issues or outright failure. When components common to most electrical appliances are subjected to electrical overstress, it often only takes one element for a complete malfunction. Circuit boards, relays, semiconductors, parametric, resistors, capacitors and metallisation to name a few. It is estimated that up to 75% of product failures are the result of damage to the chipset themselves.