PS20 Smart Power Station – walk around

The PS20 is a rack mount version Power Station which is designed for higher capacity applications. Includes the DRAM95 20A Isolated Mains filter with the Smartbrain Dynamic Active tracking filter technology. The PS20 is able to regulate the voltage by incrasing or decreasing the output to give a pure sinewave output of ether 240V or there is a user selcetable switch that can change the output to 220V.

Like the PS10, the PS20 Smart Power Station is designed and engineered to provide stable, clean power to sensitive equipment while guarding against damage associated with main power outages. When a power outage occurs, the majority of electronic equipment failures result from the surge when the power ‘comes back’ as thousands of systems across the grid load simultaneously. As a 20-amp unit, the PS20 requires hardwired installation by a licenced electrician and is configured for rack mounting. As further protection, the DRM95 with Dynamic Active Tracking filtering for single and three-phase applications is included.