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Did You Know? These sorts of appliances cause spikes and surges

Many of our competitors have stopped showing specifications. Why? We are proud to show off our credentials

Our Products are the fastest reacting to dangerous spikes and surges; this means exposure to dangerous spikes and surges is minimal

Thor's Research & Development collaborates with universities. This credability is designed to give confidence.

All our Products are made with Flame Retardent housings to maximise your safety.

Thor's Industrial Hardwired range are 100% manufactured right here in Australia.

Our Products offer Industry leading energy absorption capabilities; this means they last longer

Our Dynamic Active Tracking filter assists computer efficiency by reducing software glitches, file corruption, system lock ups

Our Products have the lowest clamping voltage on the market; this means spikes and surges are stopped way before becoming dangerous

Appliances that can cause spikes include - Laser Printers, Light Switches, Vacuum cleaners, Fridges, Air-conditioners...

Mains power rarely delivers 240v. Guarantee 240v to digitally sensitive equipment with a PS10

Thor's product packaging is biodegradable and recyclable.

Thor Technologies is 100% Australian owned and operated. All design, engineering and testing is done in Australia.

Different systems mean colour coding on boards may not work for you. This is why we supply versatile tags

All of our products FILTER the power first then offer protection. It's clean protection.

Equipment with 220v power supplies will perform better if can run off this voltage. See our PS10..

Our Cascade filter technology filters around 20% less frequencies to the Dynamic Active Tracking

Even when lightning strikes many kilometres away your electrical equipment can still be damaged

Amps, Joules, reaction speed and clamping voltage should all be clearly identifiable so you can make an informed purchasing decision

Cutting power to plasma, LCD and projector systems can cause expensive damage.

Our compact board design is for space challenged areas under desks or in cabinets

Thor's Dynamic Active Tracking filter technology cleans and diagnoses the greatest range of power frequenices


Protect from unwanted frequency noise, spikes and surges

Those in the refrigeration and air-conditioning industries will appreciate the need for a product that can protect this essential equipment. Inverter technology sometimes puts unwanted frequencies into the ciruit and the DRM95 cleans this up as well as protecting sensitvie circuit boards from dangerous highvoltage spikes and surges. Prevent these sorts of incidents from affecting performance, reducing downtime and increasing reliability of service.

Power Filter Products by Thor Technologies

Power surges can happen at any moment and often when you least expect them. Surges occur when there is a spike in electrical voltage. The damage is often minor such as a blown light bulb but they can also lead to permanent damage to electronics such as computers and televisions.

Predicting when a power surge will occur is almost impossible. Heavy thunderstorms and increased utility usage are common causes of severe voltage fluctuations, however spikes and surges can be constant, degrading your equipment and limiting performance. 

A natural by-product of the distribution and use of electricity is ‘electrical noise’. In digitally sensitive equipment, this translates into system hangs and lockups, corrupted data, hums and hisses in speakers, set-top box delays etc. 

Eliminating and limiting electrical noise is achieved through specialised filtration or power conditioning. The following video explains filtration in more detail.

Is the risk of leaving electrical equipment unprotected worth the cost?

Demand on the electrical grid is ever increasing and with technology rapidly changing, components are becoming more and more digitally sensitive to any power fluctuation.

Keeping your electrical devices protected with a surge diverter is paramount. Utility companies recommend power protectors with a high level of power filtration capability to prevent damage from occurring and to maximize performance and longevity in all digitally sensitive appliances.

Surge Protection

Surge guards do more than just turn single outlets into multiple outlets. They are also designed to protect electrical devices from power surges by limiting voltage above a certain threshold. 240V (mains voltage) is rare and when power comes in higher, this excess voltage needs to go somewhere. All Thor products are designed to absorb any excess energy and enhance the life out of any appliance.

Power Conditioning

Voltage fluctuations can lead to poor performance in any digitally sensitive appliance such as computers or home theatre systems. Power conditioners are designed to maximise the quality of power flowing to the device. The result is that electrical equipment with power filters function at optimal levels for best performance and longevity.

We offer a range of quality products that are perfect for the following applications.

Home Theatre Systems

Sound and picture can be compromised by ‘dirty’ power in any Home Theatre System and power surges can be very damaging. THOR’s Smart Series include the Power Station, Hardwired range and many levels of power board protection and filtration including our unique ‘Dynamic Active Tracking’ filtration technology.


Power spikes can cause irreparable damage to your laptop or PC, destroying files or even compromising the operating system. Spike arresters limit the amount of voltage to your computer systems above a certain point that would otherwise have been catastrophic. Power filtration can eliminate system hangs and lockups, corrupted data (blue screens), hums in speakers etc. Our Smart Series Range is designed to provide the highest level of protection and conditioning to all connected devices.

Server Rack Protection

Computer servers and Hi-Fi racks form the basis for communication within any setup. Damage to internal components can spell disaster so maintaining uptime is critical. Our Smart Rack Series are designed to offer the highest level of protection and communication against common issues that plague most server racks.

High Fidelity

High fidelity, also referred to as hi-fi, is the reproduction of sound with minimal amounts of distortion. High quality hi-fi systems make audio recordings sound remarkably similar to the original. Audio systems require optimal configuration for pure and precise performance. The technology used in THOR’s Smart Power Station and Smart Series (hardwired and ‘plug-in’ offer the best combination of protection and filtration for an unsurpassed listening experience.

Home or Office Usage

Households and offices have a range of appliances that depend on electricity to function. With advancements in technology many of these units are increasingly sensitive to power fluctuations. Power surges occur due to a number of reasons which can cause damage to all connected electrical equipment. Our Smart Board and Smart Power Station are perfect devices to prevent this from happening.

Lighting Systems

Lighting systems rely on power sources so they need to be adequately protected against power surges. Fixing damaged light fixtures and repairing electrical components can be costly. Our range of products are recommended by lighting system engineers as they increase lighting performance and life expectancy.


THOR’s Hardwired range is designed to offer maximum protection and filtration from power fluctuations and ‘noise interference to ensure equipment is operating at maximum performance levels. Engineers and Electrical Designers trust our products for their high quality build and superior performance.


Sensitive electronics across multiple industries can all benefit from power conditioners to ensure optimal performance. Our products are engineered to protect against common electrical disturbances by filtering and cleaning all incoming power. This helps to prevent EMI and RFI noise pollution from entering electrical equipment that could result in software glitches and even damage to the hardware.

Power Saving

Any appliance plugged into an outlet will consume electricity, even on standby ‘Vampire Power”, resulting in increased charges on utility bills. THOR’s B12R Green Board power protector allows users to eliminate standby power at the flick of a switch with its external shutdown control features. It also protects and filters all incoming voltage and has to handy USB charges built into the switch to charge phones or game controllers.

Power protection and filtration is crucial to performance and longevity. It is the fuel that runs your equipment! For further information please contact one of our friendly representatives.

Power Filtration Products By Thor Technologies

THOR products offer premium power protection and power filtration that cleans the sine wave and prevents line noise interference, which promotes performance and longevity in all types of electrical equipment.

Clean, unpolluted power 24/7 will ensure a system delivers close to its designed performance and reduce the negative effect of power hungry appliances (spikes, surges, interference) competing with the more ‘digitally sensitive’ systems. When equipment is being manufactured it is generally designed and tested in pure pristine environments with pristine power. When released to the consumer, it is usually subject to all sorts of other electrical equipment and anomalies that prevent the system from achieving its potential.

Most installers recognise the need to employ shielded cabling for audio or coax applications to reduce or eliminate RFI and EMI interference, but they fail to ‘clean’ the real ‘roots’ of the system - mains power. Installing one without the other is only a partial solution.

Motors switching on and off, washing machines or dishwashers changing cycles and lights can cause set-top box scrambling or generate low level hiss or thumping noise from speakers, robbing the system of its true performance.

A natural by-product of the distribution and use of electricity is ‘power-line noise’. Removing this ‘noise’ from the electrical environment is crucial to performance and reliability. Some distinct benefits include:

  • Elimination of hissing noise from speakers
  • Crisper, brighter picture
  • Elimination of system hangs and lockups, corrupted files
  • Greater DB range from enhanced audio
  • Eliminated thumping from sub-woofers

The technology used in THOR POWER PROTECTION is designed to save digitally sensitive equipment, make it run smoothly and last longer. In selecting an appropriate power filter, high specifications are indispensable but can be confusing.


THOR's Dynamic Active Tracking enhances the ability of your system to achieve the best possible performance it can whilst safeguarding against software glitches and system hangs and lock-ups. Traditional power surge protection relies on simple surge absorbing circuitry at pre-defined points on the wave-form. Dynamic Active Tracking circuitry constantly monitors the sine wave with self-diagnostic corrective circuitry, instantaneously sensing and clamping transient spikes and surges, regardless of where they appear on the wave-form.

THOR's Dynamic Active Tracking is the ultimate form of corrective filtering circuitry, specifically designed for digital equipment. Flickers from lighting, low 'hum' in speakers and cumulative damage to equipment can be resolved.

Thor additionally filters and cleans all incoming power through Isolation. This ensures any likelihood of your sensitive digital equipment receiving interference or cross-talk from other signals from your system's set-up. Isolation is important between high current drawing items such as amplifiers, laser printers, photocopiers. Technicians report improved performance and elimination of inconsistent power (can cause system hangs & lock-ups) by the use of appropriate power filter.

In the same way a premium car demands premium fuel, premium equipment demands premium power.

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